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What is Awake

Comprehensive educational suite combining realistic scenarios with authentic clinical environment to reveal unseen possibilities in the landscape of augmented clinical simulation.

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    Authentic clinical environment

    Standardised equipment with exhaustive clinical toolset to support widest range of possible user interactions.

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    Credible scenarios

    Carefully designed storylines based on real case scenarios incorporating wide range of possible clinical situations.

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    Deep learning

    Believable clinical experience building long-term memory of appropriate clinical algorithms and stimulating accurate corresponding clinical measures.

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    Futuristic teaching

    Holistic cooperative framework with exhaustive knowledge testing tools, standardised scoring system and evaluation mechanisms.

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    Adjustable components

    Option to define or change brands of available medicine, effective quantities and difficulty levels.


Immersive First Person Experience

Dramatic life saving mission inside authentic representation of clinical environment encouraging candidates to make an all-out effort to rescue patients and learn the appropriate clinical protocols along the way. With true actors animating 3D models, realistic clinical symptoms and corresponding vital signs. Incorporating exhaustive range of clinical equipment, supporting multitude of user interactions on a various difficulty levels.

Profoundly Convincing

When clinical measures are almost as important as in real case scenarios.

  • Precise 3D Mapping
    Precise 3D Mapping

    Highly accurate 3D representations of patients, clinical environment and medical toolset.

  • Responsive Simulation Engine
    Responsive Simulation Engine

    Based on clinically verified symptoms development supporting multitude of possible user interaction flows.

  • Real Actors
    Real Actors

    Professional voiceover provided by real actors guided by experienced instructors.

  • Comprehensive Report
    Comprehensive Report

    Complete list of executed user interactions combined with precise timestamps to support professional post performance evaluation.

  • Emergency Trolley
    Emergency Trolley

    Containing i-gels, injections, masks and other necessary medical equipment.

  • Planning Board
    Planning Board

    Incorporating ABCDE algorithm, providing clinical action plans, storing various measurements and logs.

  • Vital Signs Monitor
    Vital Signs Monitor

    Distributing EKG, SPO2 and blood pressure values at any present time.

  • Defibrillator

    Allowing users to execute revitalisation protocols if necessary.




Clinical Simulations AR with Microsoft Hololens

Leading self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to engage with the surrounding landscape of digital world.

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Trained to Rescue

Awake changes the classical framework of clinical simulation by radically improving the level of overall authenticity. Highest possible grade of believability with corresponding effects helps candidates to experience clinical complications as real as possible. This provides more vivid learning experience, translating into more deeply stored knowledge. On the other hand more efficient teaching process ensures better clinical execution through longer period of time.

Advanced AR
With Awake
Classical doll

Classical Clinical Simulation

  • abstract
    Abstract Medical Dolls

    Utilising rubber medical dolls with limited set of functionalities. Representing various clinical complications without adequate corresponding symptoms.

  • slow
    Delayed Feedback

    Abstract and delayed feedback loop.

  • limited
    Limited Evaluation Options

    Individualised scoring with limited option for detailed post evaluation.

  • expensive
    Expensive Setup

    Time and cost consuming stage setup.

Awake Clinical Simulation

  • authentic
    Authentic 3D Models

    3D models, animated by true actors, providing accurate, most believable symptoms of specific clinical complication.

  • instant
    Instant Reactions

    Adequate and instant reactions to the user’s interactions.

  • unlimited
    Programmatic Scoring Algorithm

    Programmatic scoring with option to review and post evaluate specific measures under instructor’s supervision.

  • zerocost
    Zero-Cost Repetitions

    Zero effort, costless stage setup with unlimited possible repetitions.

Clinical simulation is becoming more and more important. But there is still the specific problem with the established approach. Utilisation of rubber dolls, generic sounds and other supportive elements don’t produce realistic learning experience. With augmenting reality we can produce authentic environment and believable experience in which candidates can test their knowledge almost as they could do in the real situation. This means that they get much better qualified to make life saving decision when this is the most important.”

Uroš Zafošnik leading instructor in Simulation Centre of Ljubljana


3fs Iryo Zdravstveni dom Ljubljana

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